Divers Down Swanage

An introduction to Divers Down


Swanage, on the South Coast in Dorset, has much to offer, with its rolling green hills to one side of the Bay and Peveril Point to the other.

View from the airBut undoubtedly the main attraction for divers is Divers Down, Britain’s oldest dive school, established in 1958.

Swanage has always been a popular dive site for all standards of diver and this year Divers Down celebrates its 56th Anniversary.

Nestling nicely on the pier to the South of the town, Divers Down has an ideal location, with the underwater world of wonder lying
directly beneath it, attracted by the confines of the wooden pier framework.

There are a variety of other dives including many wrecks which lie in deeper water outside the bay. 
These include, Kyarra, Betsy Anna, Valentine Tanks, Aeolian Sky, Carantan, Firth Fisher,
Venezuela, Hazlewood, Aparema, Avanti, Everleigh, Simla, Smyrna and many more.


Dive Spaces this weekend:

We are now closed for the Winter season and the shop will be open again at the end of March 2016.

We are still taking bookings over the Winter.

If you would like to reserve spaces on a dive or would like more
information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: medina@madasafish.com

Phone or text: 07977 142661


We hope you all have a Great Christmas and a Jolly New Year

School & Sightseeing Trips

We run regular educational trips for schools and other groups, during the summer months.  Two of our boats are particularly suited to this and each boat takes a small group of 12 pupils plus one teacher.  We can give informative talks on errosion, local landmarks and features etc.  showing off the beauty of the Jurassic Coast around  Old Harry Rocks and to the Peveril Lighthouse.

We have operated these trips for many years now and they are proving increasingly popular with all trips tailored to suit your requirements.

Please email us for details: medina@madasafish.com


Testemonials - What People Say About Us

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you express my gratitude to and commend the crew
of SAR helicopter G-CGIJ who deployed to the assistance of the
dive boat SKUA out of Swanage on the afternoon of Sunday 20th May.
I would also wish to commend the actions of the boat's skipper
Mr Dave LAUT who worked calmly, effectively and with clear
determination to manage the delivery of first aid to one of my dive
buddies; Nick Coletta, whilst recovering divers from the water,
mounting a search for three overdue divers, whilst calling for
assistance and liaising over the radio with your communications
centre during what was undoubtedly an extremely stressful time.
Dave LAUT was assisted by his colleague Mr Dave BROOM who
assisted in recovering divers onto the boat and de-kitting them
whilst keeping lookout for surfacing divers.
Between 11:30 and 11:50 hrs ten divers entered the water to dive
on the wreck of the Warwick Deeping off the Isle of Wight. At
about 12:00 hrs my dive buddies Nick Colletta and Paul Fassolas
decided that the current had picked up too much and that the
dive was called. During the early part of the ascent I became
separated from my buddies as I was reeling in onto the DSMB
at about 24 metres due to the current. My buddies deployed a
second DSMB and continued with their ascent, however at about
15 metres Nick became distressed and was suffering with some
exhaustion and difficulties in breathing and then suffered a rapid
ascent to the surface missing a small deco obligation and safety
stop. Paul continued with a separate normal ascent. When I
surfaced I saw that Nick was out of his dive kit and on oxygen
and been tended to by Dave LAUT and his crewman Dave BROOM.


Once I was recovered to the boat I assisted Dave LAUT with
monitoring Nick's condition, whilst he continued to liaise with
the coastguard control room, recovering the remaining three
divers in the water in close proximity to Skua whilst directing
them to keep a lookout for the three other divers who were
utstanding, having entered the water first, but not yet overdue.

Dave continued to liaise with your control centre and monitor
Nick's condition, handle the dive boat, direct the other divers
o keep looking out for the other divers and work with SAR
helicopter G-CGIJ as it approached and deployed the rescue
crewman to SKUA. Whilst the sea state may not have been
the most challenging it was good, and provided much
confidence to all, to see all elements; flying, winching,
boarding and the boat working seamlessly. The rescue
crewman, whose name, to my shame I have forgotten,
provided comfort and reassurance to Nick whilst he
administered first aid in the most professional manner.
As the rescue crewman assisted Nick, the outstanding
divers became overdue and it was agreed between the
skipper and the rescue crewman that as Nick's condition
was not too severe that it would be sensible for the
helicopter to continue to support the search for the
missing divers as other vessels had yet to arrive in the area.
After a short period the divers were spotted and recovered
to SKUA and Nick was airlifted to hospital thus bringing a
happy conclusion to an eventful afternoon.
I would be grateful if you would accept my recommendation
for some form of formal recognition of the professional
efforts of the crew of G-CGIJ in all of their roles and those
of the crew of SKUA in particular Dave LAUT who had so
many matters to deal with at the same time.
Yours sincerely
Gus Kennedy

Dear Swanage Council or to whom it concern I Have been wanting to
write this letter for some time only now and have just got around to it,
so my apologies. I made my first visit to Swanage in August 2012 to
do some diving. I would like to commend several people whom names
I do not know, as they went the extra mile to make my visit very enjoyable.
Fist of all I would like to commend the skippers of the diving boats. They
were excellent and did everything they could to make my visit special.
They went the extra mile in hospitality and made
my visit great. The dive shop on the pier was also very keen to be helpful.
The Pier staff who locks up were also special as when we were late back
one day they stayed behind to man the gates to let us out without any
moans and with a smile. Swanage was very clean and it was a pleasure
to walk around. My hotel was also very helpful. All in all these people
made my visit special and I will certainly be back this year.
Yours truly Mr D. Mapp.

Hello Divers Down, (Peter),
Just a quick e-mail to thank you for turning our rather unlucky weekend
diving schedule into a Dive on the Fleur from your new boat Spike.
All of us enjoyed the experience, in less than ideal conditions, we all
thought Spike was a great boat. Thank You
Ray & I would like to thank you for giving us the Bridge Rubber & Plastics
contact, we did a little business with Ken, 2 tins of anti-foul and undercoat.
we are most grateful, it saved our club quite a bit of cash.

For future reference, is it possible to book "Spike" say for 2 or 3 dives
over a weekend period next year, what would the cost be, and how
many divers can you take? Also what are your booking conditions?
Once again many thanks for saving our weekend.
Kind regards,
Shirley (Painter)
Croy-Tech BSAC 187
Just a short e-mail to say thank you for providing a great weekends diving
for us.  You have great dive centre in a prime position on the Pier, an
accommodating and friendly approach to diving and a fantastic boat, Spike.
Whilst the visibility was poor it was nice to dive in relatively warm water
compared to temperatures up North. We were however blessed with great
Thanks again and hope to visit your dive centre in the not to distant future.
Graydon Martin.


Check out the Hall of Shame for your recent exploits and join us celebrating over 50 Years of excellence!

The Dive Shop on Swanage Pier, providing Boat Charter, Air, Nitrox, Hire Equipment and Shop Sales. The shop is open 7 days a week during the diving season - March to October, to supply you with
all you need to carry out your dive. At weekends the air filling station opens at 08.00 and closes between 17.00 and 20.00 depending on demand. If for any reason the shop is not open during the day
when you require something, please just phone us on 07977 142661, as we are never usually more than a few minutes away.

This aerial view of Swanage proves that we do have good visibility. You can view a location map and contact information on our contact page.